Outside of our training fleet, FLYT Aviation is offering aircraft owners with airplanes located at Falcon Field or nearby airports the opportunity to make some money by adding their plane to our rental fleet for use beyond training. We currently do not have any of these aircraft and are searching for aircraft owners that would like to add their airplane to the fleet.


While each airplane addition is a custom partnership or agreement between FLYT Aviation and aircraft owners, we have two paths that owners can choose from. All airplanes made available to FLYT Aviation members must be in great condition, inspected by a FLYT Aviation authorized mechanic, undergo 100-hour inspections in addition to annual inspections, and carry the appropriate insurance.



Aircraft owner operates the aircraft and is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep - Use FLYT Aviation’s scheduling system, get access to customers willing to pay to rent your airplane, and access to our qualified instructors for aircraft checkouts.



FLYT Aviation handles all of the maintenance and fully operates the aircraft - Aircraft owners receive a check each month based on a pre-established hourly rate that the airplane flies. Our mechanics keep these aircraft in pristine condition. Make money without needing to do any work.

  • A subset option to this is if you’d like to handle all of your own maintenance and the maintenance bills. This is great for aircraft owners that are an A&P or prefer to handle their own maintenance.

Cessna 172S Skyhawk- N70JP


  • 2020 Cessna 172S Skyhawk G1000 NXI


  • TBA


Pay for an airplane that you don’t fly much? Want it to make you money instead of cost you money? Of course as the owner you get unlimited access to your own aircraft. So whether you’d like your plane to fly 10 hours a month to cover some costs of ownership or you’d like it to fly 50 hours a month, FLYT Aviation provides you with choices with one seamless booking system 

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