FLYT Aviation was started in 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic while founder, Alex Hamlin who was living in San Diego at the time, decided to spend the first critical months of the pandemic with his family in Peachtree City, GA. It was during this time that Alex decided he was going to resume his flight training after a nearly 15-year hiatus. Alex and his father, a pilot, immediately began searching for a flight instructor and aircraft to use. It was then that they discovered an abundance of flight instructors and other student pilots but very few airplanes available for use. The available aircraft were extremely expensive. Some were very nice and others were not so nice. Only a few affordable aircraft were found in the area and while they got the job done they were older with tons of student pilots crammed into the schedule. 

The rest was history and two months later FLYT Aviation was founded. FLYT Aviation was designed for freelance flight instructors to have reliable, available, and reasonably priced aircraft to teach in. This enables flight instructors to create their own businesses with airplanes to fly, scheduling software, and other resources required for teaching. We aim to let the instructors aviate with a business model that makes them money and at less cost to the students. With our competitively priced aircraft, the lower costs to students will allow them to fly more and get their license or ratings more quickly. 

Management Team 


Alex Hamlin, President of FLYT Aviation is the founder of FLYT Aviation. Alex founded FLYT Aviation after discovering a huge gap in the availability of aircraft while he was trying to learn to fly. In addition to FLYT Aviation, Alex works for an innovative Public Safety Emergency Technology software company. Alex has a combination of experience from law enforcement and technology business development. Alex currently lives in San Diego, CA. He is originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey but moved from coast to coast across the U.S. as a child, eventually ending up in Peachtree City, Georgia before living in several different countries. Alex began his career in Law Enforcement at the age of 18 in Metro Atlanta. Alex served in numerous capacities during his tenure as a law enforcement officer including Sr. Police Officer, Detective, and Crime Scene Investigator. During Alex's time in investigations he worked cases ranging from property crimes to homicides.  

Alex is very excited to bring affordable aircraft to the market for new pilots to learn to fly in!

Doug Hallberg, Chief Pilot​  is currently employed by a major airline in Atlanta GA as a Captain on the Boeing 757/767. Doug graduated from N.A.I.A in 1988 and has worked out of Atlanta for over 26 years. He is a CFI, CFII, and MEI. Captain Hallberg has flown and taught in many aircraft ranging from small Cessna 150s to C310, Pipers, Champs, Citabrias, etc. Doug worked as U.S.A.F contract CFI at Kirtland AFB, and also flew as a charter pilot flying C414s. In 1990, he started flying C402s in the Grand Canyon. As Doug's career progressed he moved on to flying for American Eagle and 3 years later on to ValuJet/Airtran where he was a First Officer and Captain on the DC9. In 1997, Doug moved on to Atlanta's Hometown Airline and has flown the L1011TriStar, MD88, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 757/767. Prior to his current position as a Boeing 757/767 Captain, Doug flew the MD88 as a Captain for 12 years. Doug has returned to flying general aviation these last 6 years during his off time and is thoroughly enjoying helping new young aviators achieve their goals as well as spending time flying with the Falcon RV Squadron in formations around the area and doing aerobatics in his RV7A.

Harlan Hamlin, Director of Business Operations brings more than 25 years of successes, driving profitability and productivity in the telecommunications, satellite, wireless and technology industries. Previously he worked for SkySwitch as Vice President of Business Development and was the President and Founder of Syncpoint Technology Group. With an extensive career in aviation, wireless and satellite communications, Hamlin has worked for AT&T, in their Wireless Data Division, serving as the National Public Safety Manager, before joining Verizon Wireless. There he served as the Associate Director of Telematics. He went on to lead Satellink Technologies as Vice President and General Manager, where he focused on aviation-related communications developing, testing, and marketing global satellite direct broadcast information service, offering real-time weather and safety, and operational data to in-flight aircraft as well as mobile users. 


A licensed multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot, Harlan has more than 6,000 hours in the sky. A father of two grown children, Hamlin resides in Peachtree City, GA with his wife Janine of 28 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Trinity College and University in Dover, DE.

Matthew Perry, Flight Operations Manager 

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Cayla McLeod, Digital Content Manager 

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Rockne Vidourek, Business Development Manager 

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