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Ready to learn to fly?  FLYT Aviation, Atlanta’s fastest growing aviation company, can connect you with their team of FAA certified flight instructors so you can take your passion for flying to the next level. FLYT’s instructors all have the flying experience and hours of teaching aspiring pilots of all ages and abilities. Training with FLYT’s instructors will take your flying to new heights. 


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James R. Pigg, Jr. "J.R.", Chief Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

J.R. is excited to begin his 3rd Career in life by joining the FLYT Aviation Team, having recently retired from Delta Air Lines as a Boeing 767ER Captain with 20+ years of service. J.R. began his flying career in 1979 as a 2nd Lieutenant attending Undergraduate Navigator Training at Mather AFB, CA. After graduation he became a Weapon Systems Officer flying the F-4E Phantom. In 1984 he attended Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB, OK. A Distinguished Graduate and recipient of the Outstanding Flying Award and Class Leadership Award, he was assigned the F-16. He was Distinguished Graduate and Top Gun of his F-16 Class at MacDill AFB, FL. In 1989 he was selected to attend the prestigious USAF Fighter Weapons Instructor Course at Nellis AFB, NV. J.R. retired from Active Duty in 2000. He was one of a handful of F-16 pilots that was fortunate enough to fly every F-16 variant having spent 5 years as an Operational Test Pilot.

During his 20+ year Air Force Career, J.R. flew 35 combat missions over the former Yugoslavia and Iraq. He has accumulated nearly 3000 hours in the F-16, 580 hours in the F-4E, and 12,400 hours at Delta Air Lines. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute (1979) and a Master of Aeronautical Science degree from Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University (1994). He and his wife, Cathy, have three sons, C.J., Matthew and Michael.

Shawn McGrath, Sr. Flight Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Shawn is a passionate aviation professional and GA enthusiast with over 25 years of experience. His love of flying started very early with chasing shadows of landing airplanes across the yard as a boy. Civilian trained as a private pilot, Shawn later attended USAF pilot training and served for 20 years as a KC-10 tanker pilot & T-37/T-6 primary flight instructor. He concurrently taught in the C-172 during his last 2 years of active duty service at a Cessna Pilot Training Center near San Antonio, TX. Shawn currently works at a major airline based here in ATL where he has flown as First Officer (FO) & Captain on the MD-88 “Maddog” & now flies as a Boeing 757/767 FO. He is a CFI, CFII & MEI with over 9,000 hours that truly enjoys teaching in his down time. He can often be found around FFC flying aerobatics or performing in formation demonstrations with the Falcon RV Squadron in his RV-7A.

Doug Hallberg, Chief Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Doug is currently employed by a major airline in Atlanta GA as a Captain on the Boeing 757/767. Doug graduated from N.A.I.A in 1988 and has worked out of Atlanta for over 26 years. He is a CFI, CFII, and MEI. Captain Hallberg has flown and taught in many aircraft ranging from small Cessna 150s to C310, Pipers, Champs, Citabrias, etc. Doug worked as U.S.A.F contract CFI at Kirtland AFB, and also flew as a charter pilot flying C414s. In 1990, he started flying C402s in the Grand Canyon. As Doug's career progressed he moved on to flying for American Eagle and 3 years later on to ValuJet/Airtran where he was a First Officer and Captain on the DC9. In 1997, Doug moved on to Atlanta's Hometown Airline and has flown the L1011TriStar, MD88, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 757/767. Prior to his current position as a Boeing 757/767 Captain, Doug flew the MD88 as a Captain for 12 years. Doug has returned to flying general aviation these last 6 years during his off time and is thoroughly enjoying helping young aviators achieve their goals. Additionally, Doug enjoys flying with the Falcon RV Squadron in formations around the area and doing aerobatics in his RV7A.

Jonathan Singh, Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI)

Jonathan Singh grew up around aviation, as his father was a flight engineer for the USAF. Instead of going to law school, Jonathan finished his bachelor's degree at Georgia State University. After completing his training at ATP, he started Singh Aviation to provide quality training and to promote local partnerships within the aviation community. As a second generation aviator, he has 1,800 hours and looks forward to joining the airlines in the near future.

Matthew Perry, Flight Operations Manager (CFI, CFII, MEI)

Matthew has been working in the aviation industry since he was 18 years old. Starting on as a baggage handler for Delta Air Lines in 2011, he realized that aviation was his passion in life. After working numerous aviation jobs ranging from the front desk at his local airport all the way to training support for Air Traffic Controllers at the world’s busiest airport. He began flying in 2016 and immediately knew that he wanted to continue his aviation career in the front seat, as a pilot. After completing the ATP Career Airline Pilot Program, he began instructing full time. He is a commercial pilot and a certified flight instructor for single and multi engine airplanes, also holding an instrument instructor certificate.

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Casey Roethler, Staff Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI)

Casey Roethler is from Birmingham, Alabama, and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the university of West Georgia. She found a passion for aviation after her first discovery flight in 2018. After completing the ATP Career Airline Pilot Program, she holds a Certified Flight Instructor certificate in single and multiengine aircraft and instructs full time.

Melvin Williams, Flight Instructor (CFI)

Mel has been working in the aviation industry since he was 18.  Graduating from Aviation High School in New York where he earned his Airframe and Powerplant Licenses in 2006.  Starting in the industry as an aviation maintenance technician for a major airline in 2007.  He started flying in 2017 and never looked back.  Now a flight instructor with an interest in aerobatics, you can find him buzzing around the Atlanta area doing aerobatics in his Decathlon!

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
 – Leonardo Da Vinci

Eric Amdal, Flight Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Eric is a military veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. He is currently employed by a regional airline as a First Officer flying the Embraer E145 jet. Eric has been teaching pilots how to fly for several years. Eric is an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), CFI, CFII, and MEI. He is an experienced instructor that teaches Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI students with over 1,300hrs in dual flight instruction as well as 2,000+ total flight hours. He attended Liberty University where he earned a bachelor's degree in Aviation Science. Before diving into aviation, Eric jumped worked as a Deputy Sheriff with the Douglas County, GA Sheriff's Office. During his tenure at the Sheriff's Office, he was a member of the Douglas County SWAT team. Eric is looking forward to teaching even more people how to fly.

Theo Goff, Flight Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Theo is currently employed by a regional airline as a First Officer. He has been involved with aviation for over 5 years and includes ratings of ATP, CFI, CFII, and MEI. He is an experienced instructor that teaches Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI students with over 1,300hrs in dual flight instruction as well as 2,000+ total flight hours. He has earned a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in Criminology. Before he jumped  into aviation he worked as an emergency manager for the state of Florida, where he assisted in planning, response, and recovery efforts for multiple major hurricanes. As an emergency manager, airline pilot, and flight instructor he brings a unique understanding of safety and risk management to the cockpit. When Theo isn’t flying he is spending time with his wife, playing golf, hiking, or fly fishing in the north Georgia mountains.

Wally Wallace, Flight Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, )

While Wally is now a retired 121 pilot he still enjoys instructing in the General Aviation world. Having retired from Delta in 2005 & Naval Aviation in 1996 he has been an active GA CFI since 2006. As an instructor in the Navy he flew over 800 hours instructing in the Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk in Advanced Jet Training. Following the Training Command tour he went on to fly the A-7E Corsair II at Cecil Field, FL & aboard the USS Saratoga. He left active duty in 1978 when hired by Delta & continued to fly the A-7 in the Naval Reserve. Following over 30 years with Delta ending on the B767ER he retired & purchased a 2004 Diamond DA40 G1000. He has over 1200 hours of instruction given in the DA40/42 & the SR20/22. He specializes in instrument training in glass cockpits. He enjoys spending time with his wife Marilyn & his two grandchildren. They have two adult children, a grandson, a granddaughter & two grand-dogs

Heath Fleming, Flight Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Heath is excited to join the FLYT Aviation team and joined as their first flight instructor. Heath instructed at ATP Flight School for about a year prior to training military pilots for their ATP checkrides at a school in Alabama. Heath has privately instructed at Falcon Field. Heath is currently a regional airline pilot who flies CRJ 900s. He has over 1800 hours and is excited to work with FLYT Aviation. 

Johnathan Muse, Flight Instructor (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Johnathan's (AKA "J") passion for aviation started at a young age, his father and grandfather used to fly with Dodgie Stockmar from Stockmar (20ga) airport in Villa Rica during the early 90's. J served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2008 to 2016 and is an OEF veteran. J began his private pilot in a j3 cub flying out of gum creek airport (8ga1) and has flown multiple makes/models/types of aircraft while working his way up through his ratings. J is currently a corporate pilot flying for local West Georgia/east alabama companies in aircraft such as Beechcraft King air 200's/350's, Barons,etc. He is currently pursuing his rotorcraft (helicopter) ratings as his next professional advancement.


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